What does it cost to have your return prepared by one of our qualified CPAs?

On average, the cost is about $300, but there is variation due to the wide range of complexities in our client’s tax situations. At our level of expertise, the value of our service far exceeds the cost. Why? Let me tell you.

Value of Our Education

Staying up on the latest tax laws and also the personal lives of our clients gives us a unique ability to catch all the deductions and credits that matter- and they add up quickly!

Value of our Review Process

Your return is thoroughly reviewed before it is presented to you. This means you don’t have to worry about your tax return getting kicked back from the IRS and the costs and stresses therein.

Minimize Audit Risk

We also work to ensure your taxes are of low audit risk. IRS audits can cost thousands of dollars and the best audit protection you can have is a qualified CPA who cares about the work he does.

Real personal service

You will work one on one with your CPA and we promise to complete your return in very short order. Gone are the days of waiting weeks to get your taxes and having your accountant dodge calls. We are here to serve you and make this an easy and pleasurable experience!

How our fees work: Unlike many firms we do not charge by the hour or by the form.  We provide upfront estimates which means you will know and agree to our fee prior to us beginning any work or you making any commitment.  Once we have all or at least most information required to prepare the return we determine our fee based on your unique tax and accounting needs.  It is based on the time it will take us to prepare, review, and finalize the return and on the complexity of the services needed.